The ClubMesh project is no longer active.

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Club Events Calendar Skins

Club Events Calendar Designs

If your club website is subscribed to the silver, gold or platinum hosting package, your can provide club members with a sophisticated calendar. To modify the design of the calendar, visit your club’s administration dashboard, and go to Events ->

Upgrading Your Club Website from Bronze to Silver

Meter Silver

Introduction If your club website was previously subscribed to the bronze hosting package and you have recently upgraded to Silver, this page will help you to set up your club website to make use of the new features available to

Creating Events and Locations

Club Calendar

Before adding an Event to your club’s calendar, it’s important to understand the two components that make up an Event: the Event itself, and the Location. Before creating an Event, you should first create a Location. “This sounds a little

Creating a New Location

Choosing an Address

There are two ways to create a location. One is through your admin dashboard, the other is through the front-end. In this tutorial we’ll be using the front-end as many club members might not have access to the admin dashboard.

Create a New Event

Newly Created Event

Important: Before creating an Event, please make sure you have read the introduction and instructions for how to create a Location first. The process for creating an Event is very similar to creating a Location. Unless your club’s webmaster has

Resizing Images Before Uploading to your Club’s Photo Albums

How does it benefit the club? Most cameras these days are capable of taking pictures with a resolution of at least 10 mega pixels. That’s usually 3,648 pixels wide and 2,736 pixels tall. The consumer Nikon D800 can take photos