Club Events Calendar Skins

Club Events Calendar Designs

If your club website is subscribed to the silver, gold or platinum hosting package, your can provide club members with a sophisticated calendar. To modify the design of the calendar, visit your club’s administration dashboard, and go to Events ->

Creating Events and Locations

Club Calendar

Before adding an Event to your club’s calendar, it’s important to understand the two components that make up an Event: the Event itself, and the Location. Before creating an Event, you should first create a Location. “This sounds a little

Creating a New Location

Choosing an Address

There are two ways to create a location. One is through your admin dashboard, the other is through the front-end. In this tutorial we’ll be using the front-end as many club members might not have access to the admin dashboard.

Create a New Event

Newly Created Event

Important: Before creating an Event, please make sure you have read the introduction and instructions for how to create a Location first. The process for creating an Event is very similar to creating a Location. Unless your club’s webmaster has