The ClubMesh project is no longer active.

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New Video Tutorials are on the Horizon

Clubmesh Intro Video

At the time of writing, still has a large banner at the top of every page which says “Under Construction” and the new member registration page is protected by a password, yet despite this, customers have been successfully using

New Feature: Send emails to the club membership directly from the dashboard


It’s been a while since the last News Post but development continues to progress at an astonishing rate. Notably, security is continually improving, page loading speed is currently under the microscope, and all of the templates have had a major

New Features: Forum View Counts, Excerpts, Searching and Topic Highlighting

New  club forum tools

A number of improvements in the club forums have been released this week: The main forums page shows an excerpt of the most recent activity within that forum, making it easier for club members to get a quick overview of

Club Website – 1,000 Views Per Day

Club Website Template Statistics

Following a previous article which stated that Club Websites Templates Are Rising to the Challenge, has gone from strength to strength. Ensuring that club websites built using the templates run smoothly and provide a positive experience for club

Club Website Templates are Rising to the Challenge

Active Club Forums

One week ago today, the membership of the Clwyd Mountaineering Club were invited to start using the Platinum Club Template. Considering that is a new website, it was expected that teething problems would be encountered as more and more

UK Performance Boost for Club Websites

Google reCAPTCHA

As per a previous post, all club websites created by were residing on a computer in Arizona. The good news for UK based clubs is that we’ve to a new London-based server. And what’s more, it’s a super-duper computer!

Exporting Club Membership Data

Export Club Member Data

Another week of development and a number of issues have been resolved, a number of others found. Further to this previous post, measures had been put in place this week to speed up loading times of the club websites. Although

Squishing Bugs in Club Member Photo Albums

Bugs in Club Photo Albums

Despite some very persuasive friends, the temptation to go out and enjoy the good weather this weekend was resisted. One of the problems faced by is that it brings to together a suite of online tools that aren’t immediately

Club Network Cloned to a Local Hosting Server

Clone Wars

Despite numerous failed attempts, today the ClubMesh network was successfully cloned to a local sever. An exact replica of all sites on the network has been created which will allow for local testing without effecting the live site. This will

Eat, Sleep, Debug, Repeat


It’s been a busy few days here at as a number of problems in the software have made themselves apparent. Guests had been invited to try out the system but thankfully none have as yet taken up the offer;

Club Website Templates are Almost Ready

Easy Customisation

Following the write up on how much it costs to create a club website using, development of the software has progressed at an exciting rate. It was found that due to improved security mechanisms, a number of the club

Cost of Creating a Club Website

Soft Watch at the Moment of Explosion (Salvador Dali)

Until now the primary focus for had been the development of sophisticated tools for creating club websites, and not a great deal of thought had been given to how much to charge for the services being offered. This article looks at what costs will face, including what support will be provided, and how much it should charge clubs for creating and hosting their websites.

How to Create a Club Website – BMC Workshop

British Mountaineering Council

A full training day has been arranged with the British Mountaineering Council on how to create a club website. More details here:

…Need …More …Coffee

Price / Feature Comparison Chart

It’s been another busy day here at, and although little has happened with the club website templates, things continue to progress on the parent site. It’s been a full weekend of ramping up security measures, and the functionality for

Improved Confidence for Club Websites

Access Denied!

Under the warm glow of the midnight oil,  a number of possible security exploits in the club hosting software were exposed and vanquished and is now the proud owner of an S2VERIFIED badge.

Automated Club Website Creation? Oh Yes!


Development is still progressing well and all of the features for automatically creating a club website appear to be working as planned. Anybody can sign up and create a club website at the click of a button! The templates are

We are under construction

Site development is going well but it’s going to be a while before I start Beta testing. In the meantime, why not take a look at the development sites to see how I’m getting on