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Club Website Hosting Options

Please choose from one of the following hosting options for your club website.

* All prices are per annum.

For first time developers and novice users.
Create an effective online community website for your club with infinite photo galleries, unlimited pages, unlimited forums, an events manager and user management tools.

For beginner and intermediate web developers.
With all features of Bronze, plus a number of additional forum tools, ability to use own domain name, allow club members to create and upload their own photo albums, sophisticated Ajax calendar, Gogole Maps intergration, Automatic search engine optimisation, more storage space and increased access to support.

For intermediate and experienced web developers.
With all the features of Silver, plus a contained social network with private messaging and activity feeds, advanced forum tools, group creation, extended user profiles, recurring events and bookings, more storage space and increased access to support.

For experienced developers.
With all the features of Gold, plus unlimited storage space, club member photo albums as standard, process online payments for membership subscription fees and event bookings, take control of user permission with custom roles/groups, customise system emails to strengthen your club's brand.

Detailed Feature Comparison

Easy to use Visual Interface
Built upon the WordPress core platform, our custom administration dashboard is tailored to meet the specific demands of club websites. One of the main reasons we chose WordPress is its simplicity; originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress makes it easy to get online and start publishing content. If you've ever created a document, then most likely you already have the experienced needed to get your club website live and on the internet.
Infinite Custom Web Pages
All websites built by come with a pre-configured set of webpages that are common to all clubs. However, you can change, remove, and create an infinite number of web pages no matter which hosting package you choose.
Password Protected Pages
If you've got sensitive information to protect, you can store web pages vaults and even assign individual passwords to each page.
Contact Page
Using the templates, you can easily add a contact page to your website so that prospective members can contact the club directly from your website.
Site Wide RSS Feeds
No matter which hosting package you choose for your club, RSS feeds will automatically be created for all pages, making it easy for members to keep up with club news.
Upload and Host Documents
You can host any number of articles on your website such as club journals, minutes of meetings or anything else you see fit.
Responsive Design
Club websites built using all feature a responsive design which automatically adjusts for mobile and touch-screen devices (iPad etc).
Custom Design
The Point and Click dashboard makes it easy to completely customise the look of your site.
Custom CSS Style Sheets
You can customise every single element of your website's appearance, even adding completely new ones, using Cascading Style Sheets.
Custom Header Images
Your club website's banner image is first thing that people see when they visit your website. It's a chance to make a good first impression and draw people to your club. We make is easy to upload an array of images and then tailor them fit within your overall design.
Selection of Menu Designs
All of our website templates feature a sophisticated drop menu with a large selection of designs to choose from.
Custom Menu Design
Navigation is one of the most important elements of a website; if your navigation isn't easy to use then people won't want to visit the site. Each of the templates comes with pre-configured menus which allow you to completely customise them.
Infinite Number of Menu Items
You can customise your drop-down-menus with an infinite number of items, even changing them to suit individual users with custom welcome messages.
Club Photo Galleries
Create and manage a infinite number of photo albums. Uploading images to your club website is easy.
Image Formatting Tools
Take complete control of your images with integrated tools for cropping, scaling and formatting images on your club website.
Easy to use Media Library
Intuitive interface for managing all of your club media, making it easy to catalogue your images and documents.
Advanced Image Display
Display smaller images on your website which expand when clicked, showing a carousel of larger image and captions.
Club Member Photo Albums
? ?
For a small subscription of only £2.50 per year, club members can have their own own photo albums. You can even create a gallery which automatically collates all of your club member photo albums into one easy to use gallery. Club Member Photo Albums are included in the Platinum package free of charge.
Comment on Photos
? ?
You can allow anybody to leave comments on your clubs photographs.
"Like" Photos
? ?
Club members can "Like" each others' photos to show their appreciation.
Tag Friends in Photos
? ?
Photo Ratings
UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Using a 5 star rating system, club members can vote for their favorite photographs, allowing you to automatically collate a gallery with only the best images.
Events Manager
All club websites make it easy to publish events and locations. You can set an infinite number of event categories and allow club members to search for events.
Events Calendar
Any events created will automatically feed into an interactive club calendar.
iCal Feed
Automatically synchronise your personal Apple, Google or Microsoft calendar with your club calendar.
Sophisticated Ajax Calendar
Access to a sophisticated, interactive calendar with day, week, and monthly views.
Choice of Calendar Designs
You can completely customise the design of your calendar using any of our pre-selected design or even create your own using CSS.
Google Maps Integration
You can automatically integrate Google Maps into your events making it easy for club members to attend. All paid-for templates come pre-configured with a page that automatically displays a map of all club events.
Recurring Events
Easily create events that repeat themselves. Just create one event and specify how often it repeats, such as weekly, monthly or yearly. Make changes to all the recurring events simply by changing the master event.
Event Bookings and Ticket Management
Reserve spaces on club events and record how many events a person has attended.
Automated Email Reminders
Automatically send emails to remind people of upcoming events they have booked on.
Online Payment for Event Bookings
UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Accept online payments for event bookings and ticket sales.
Availability / Reservations Calendar
Visitors can check availability of properties or any services you offer.
Allow vistors to make reservations
Enable online booking services for your clubwebsite website which allow club members to check availability of services and make reservations in an instant.
Process Reservations Payments
This is currently under construction
At the heart of every successful website is a community of like-minded people. All of our templates come with built in forums allowing you to grow an active and successful community for your club.
Number of Forums
1 Infinite Infinite Infinite
The larger your club, the more forums you're likely to need.
Private Forums
Our forums allow you to create both public and private forums, depending on which package you choose, you can even restrict them to individual groups of users.
Post Formatting Tools
All packages come with Post Formatting Tools which allow you to format content written in forum posts.
Embed Images in Forum Posts
No matter which package you choose, your club members will always be able to include images in their forum posts.
Embed Videos in Forum Posts
Premium packages can have videos from popular hosting services like YouTube and Vimeo embedding directly into forum posts, allowing club members to watch online videos without having to leave your club's website.
Subscribe to Forums
By subscribing to forums, club members can receive email notifications whenever somebody adds a new topic or replies to a topic they are subscribed to.
Quotes and Replies
Quotes and replies help improve your club members experience in the forums, making it easy to relate one forum post to another.
Visual Interface
Premium packages come with visual editors which allow club members to see what their forum posts will look like as they type. You can even copy and paste from Word Processor applications without loosing the formatting.
Additional Formatting Tools
Premium packages come with additional formatting tools not available in other packages.
Copy and Paste Images into Forum Posts
Using the visual editor, you can include images in your forum posts just by copying and pasting them!
Member Signatures
Allow your members to include a forum "Signature" which appears below all of their contributions to your club's forums.
Group Forums
Premium packages can have group forums, allowing groups of people with common interests or similar demographics to manage their own forums.
Like Topics via Facebook
Allow club members with Facebook accounts to show their appreciation for popular topics, whilst also driving traffic from Facebook to your club website.
Private Messaging
Premium packages come with a sophisticated suite of private messaging tools.
Custom Notification Emails
Add an additional layer of professionalism to your club by customising the automated emails which are sent by the system.
Guest Comments
You can allow anybody to comment directly on individual web pages, providing guests with an effective way of communicating with the club.
Automatic Publication to Social Networks
Automatically synchronise your news feed so that it updates your club's Facebook, Twitter and other social networking pages.
"Like" Buttons
Allow visitors to show their appreciation for your club with "Like" and "Share This" buttons which automatically send notifications to Social Media websites, attracting more visitors to your club website.
Club Member List
Club websites come with a sophisticated memberlist and search facilities, allowing you to search for club members by name, location and interest.
Integrated Social Network
In addition to the forum tools, premium packages have a fully featured and intergrated social network.
Add Friends
Using the social networking features, club members can add friends, making it easier to stay in touch with other club members.
Status Updates
Allow members to post and comment on status updates (Similar to Facebook).
Activity/News Feeds
The sitewide activity feed shows everything that's happening on your club's website, such as club member's status updates. This can easily be filtered to show latest forum posts, club member photo albums, all friend's activity only.
Tag Friends in Forum Posts and Status Updates
Using the Friends feature, you can "Tag" club members in forums, status updates and comments, making it easier to bring the conversation to that user's attention.
Tag Friends in Photos
? ?
UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Tag friends in photographs.
Create Social Groups
Larger clubs can create social groups, with events, forums and activity feeds specific to each groups.
Member Registration
All packages allow members to register with your club website.
User Management Tools
All packages come with tools to manage members.
User Data Export
Club Administrators can export contact details for all club members to a CSV or Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet.
Access Permissions
All packages allow you to restrict access to different parts of your club website.
Extended Profiles
Premium packages all you to create infinite profile fields to hold more information about each of your members.
Custom Roles and Capabilities
Have even greater control of access to your club website, creating new roles and assigning specific access permissions to each role
Accept Online Payments
Accept instant payments via PayPal, Debit and Credit Cards. Automatically assign access permissions as payments are made or left outstanding. For example, you can allow club members to purchase membership for a period of time that you choose. You can attract more members to your club by offering promotions with the use of coupon codes.
Accept Recurring Payments
Allow club members to make automatic recurring payments, such as an annual subscription fee, choosing, if you wish, to automatically remove their website access if a payment fails.
Access to Support
Support is available to all users.
Access to Documentation
Both club website administrators, and club members will have access to support documentation.
Access to Training Videos
Both club website administrators, and club members will have access to training videos..
Access to Support Forums
Clubmesh combines a suit of already popular tools which each have their own publicly available support forums.
Access to Support Forums
Contact the developers of for help with queries related to your specific installation. Bronze club websites have read only access.
Access to Support Tickets
Contact the lead developers directly, who will be able to access your website and help with any difficulties you might be having.
Access to Live Support
? ? ? ?
Enter a live conversation with the lead developer who will be able to help make changes to your website instantly
Can Request New Features
With years of experience being active club members, brings together a number of tools to help run a successful club website. However, is a young entity and is still growing. We'll be busy improving the existing tools and developing new ones in the background, but if there's a specific feature which you'd like us to add, you can request it in the forums.
Feature Requests Given Priority
Features requested by premium members will always be given higher priority.
Free Domain Name
During signup you will create a free websites * domain name for your club.
Can Use Own Domain Name
If you already have a domain name for your club, you can point your existing domain name to your clubmesh website.
Storage Space
100 Mb 500 Mb 2,500 Mb Infinite
The amount of storage space allocated to your club's media..
Automatic Search Engine Optimisation
Premium packages are automatically optimised for improved search engine rankings.
Site Performance Monitoring and Statistics
Integrated with Google Analytics so that you can monitor visitor statistics.
Automatic Data Backups
All data is automatically backed up several times a day

Overwhelmed by all the Features?

As a general rule-of-thumb, you should select the hosting package which is most suited to your level experience.

  • First time developers - novice users should choose the Bronze Package.
  • Beginner - intermediate web developers should choose the Silver Package.
  • Intermediate - experienced web developers should choose the Gold Package.
  • Experienced developers with programming experience should choose the Platinum Package.

Can't you do it for me?

Whilst our team are creating support materials we're kindly offering to configure club websites for free! If you'd like us to build your club website, with no cost other than the hosting fee, please send us a message.