Club Network Cloned to a Local Hosting Server

Despite numerous failed attempts, today the ClubMesh network was successfully cloned to a local sever.

Clone Wars

An exact replica of all sites on the network has been created which will allow for local testing without effecting the live site. This will make it much easier to develop new tools and features for the clubs using the network without affecting their live club websites.

Also in the news; at present the live club network is hosted on a server in Arizona, USA. This means that if you're in the UK, every time you open a new web page, all of the images, styling and club members' information for that page have to travel all the way across the United States and across the North Atlantic Ocean before reaching their first UK destination which is Leicester. All that information then travels down from Leicester and into London, then back up to Leeds, and back to London again before being sent to your nearest routing station and finally arriving on your screens. From start to finish, it usually takes about 10 seconds (depending on where you live) for the last piece of information to arrive, and that includes the time it takes the server in Arizona to receive your request.

Remarkable though it may seem, that's an incredible journey for your club members to be making everytime somebody clicks on a link, and although 10 seconds is an incredibly fast time for such a journey, in today's fast-paced, short-attention, got-other-things-to-do world, 10 seconds is still far too long. The solution? Content Delivery Networks and Cloud Hosting.

The result of cloud hosting is that all of the images and styling information for your club websites will be stored on a server near you. If you're in the UK then the nearest Content Delivery Cloud Server is most likely Dublin. Every time you open a web page, all of the page information will still have to travel from Arizona, but the big files like images and style sheets will only have to travel from Dublin. This should result in your club's webpages loading in about 2 seconds, and what's more, it's all taken care of as part of the ClubMesh service. It will all happen automatically in the background and vastly improve the user experience for your club members.

Cloud Hosting is currently disabled whilst the network is being developed but it has been tested and the results are impressive.

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