Club Website Templates are Almost Ready

Following the write up on how much it costs to create a club website using, development of the software has progressed at an exciting rate.

It was found that due to improved security mechanisms, a number of the club website features weren't functioning as expected. To this end, the template, and the example Clwyd Mountaineering Club website had to be completely rebuilt from scratch.

Rebuilding the websites has been an extremely worthwhile task as considerable improvements have been made to the social aspects of club websites during the process.

The biggest of these changes was a complete rethink of the hierarchical structure. A number of pages have been moved, combined and separated, with improved access to each of the pages. These changes will significantly improve navigation for club members and provide them with a far more engaging user experience.

It hasn't just been about “going over old ground” though and a number of additional features have been developed, such as an improved interface for modifying your club's navigation bar:

Easy Customisation

Easy Customisation

Perhaps most notable of the new features though is the ability for club members to create and manage their own photo albums which seamlessly integrate with the other social areas of the websites. Friend tagging still needs to be worked on and there is room for improvement in regards to performance, but on the whole, the member photo albums are rather impressive.

There are numerous little tweaks that need to be made to other areas of the club websites too but these are mostly cosmetic. The largest of the remaining tasks is to improve the process for managing access to your club websites (the functionality is there, but at present, changing access permissions is far from intuitive).

Once this has been achieved, attention will turn to the hosting site and the provision of support, and then finally, user testing.

The anticipation grows!

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