Club Website Templates are Rising to the Challenge

One week ago today, the membership of the Clwyd Mountaineering Club were invited to start using the Platinum Club Template.

Considering that is a new website, it was expected that teething problems would be encountered as more and more people started to use it. The majority of these problems, which mostly related to overzealous security measures, have now been overcome, and the website appears to be withstanding scrutiny. If truth be told, this phase of testing has been far more successful than anybody could have realistically hoped for.

The template for the Clwyd Mountaineering Club already has an extremely active forum and is receiving 100's of visitors each day. Whilst out walking in the hills, even complete strangers have been overheard discussing how "brilliant" the Clwyd Mountaineering Club's new website is! For a small club who's website has only been live for 5 days and hasn't yet appeared in search engine rankings, this is a truly incredible feat.

Active Club Forums

Active Club Forums

It's been so successful in fact that after only 5 days of using the template, a unanimous decision was made at the club's annual general meeting to shut down the old website in favor of the new one.

True to form, there is still much work to be done but the mood here at remains full of enthusiasm.

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