New Feature: Send emails to the club membership directly from the dashboard

It's been a while since the last News Post but development continues to progress at an astonishing rate. Notably, security is continually improving, page loading speed is currently under the microscope, and all of the templates have had a major overhaul to help improve the user experience for new club website admins.

March 8th also saw the successful release of a new tool that allows club admins to email the club membership directly from their dashboard. This new tool allows you to select specific users to email, or, user roles (Committee members, paid members, prospective members, etc). The standard WYSIWYG editor has been incorporated making it easy to create pretty HTML emails without needing to understand any code.


Additionally, club members have a new option in their accounts which allows them to remove themselves from email lists, whilst club admins have the option to honour or override this setting.

To access the new email tool, open your dashboard and visit Users > Email Users / Email Groups.

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