New Features: Forum View Counts, Excerpts, Searching and Topic Highlighting

A number of improvements in the club forums have been released this week:

The main forums page shows an excerpt of the most recent activity within that forum, making it easier for club members to get a quick overview of what's happening in each of the club forums.

New  club forum tools

Also, individual forums and topics also show how many times a topic has been viewed. This makes it easier for the original topic poster to measure engagement when their topic doesn't warrant a response from other club members.

The original post within a topic has also been made more prominent, and now appears at the top of all pages within that topic. For popular topics that span over multiple pages, this makes it easier for people to refer to the original post without having to click back to the first page. This also makes it easier for the club member who started the topic to relay updates to all respondents.

Finally, a new forum search feature has been included in the templates. When viewing a forum page, typing a query into the search box will search for results in your forums only, rather than the entire site, making it easier for club members to find forum posts.

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