New Video Tutorials are on the Horizon

At the time of writing, still has a large banner at the top of every page which says "Under Construction" and the new member registration page is protected by a password, yet despite this, customers have been successfully using for over a year now.  So why isn't the website open to new registration?

Every effort has been made to make it easy to adapt club websites built by and reduce the learning curve for new website admins, however, it would be wrong to predict that every new club admin will find every aspect of managing their club website to be self-explanatory, and for this reason there needs to be an effective support mechanism in place.

The software has already been developed to enable customers to submit support tickets, chat to support technicians through instant messengers, and ask questions in the forums, however, at present there is a distinct lack of support documentation.

Support documents are currently being written but to make them as easy to follow as possible, they should each include a tutorial video (In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Tell me and I forget, show me and I may remember…”). A milestone in the production of these tutorials was reached last week when a short into video was released  which will feature at the start of every tutorial.

Refinements are still being made to the software and every day it becomes a little bit easier to build a club website but the production of this intro video means that the flood gates can now open to a catalogue of video tutorials and is one step closer to a public release.

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