Squishing Bugs in Club Member Photo Albums

Despite some very persuasive friends, the temptation to go out and enjoy the good weather this weekend was resisted.

One of the problems faced by clubmesh.com is that it brings to together a suite of online tools that aren’t immediately compatible with each other. It’s been found that the software used for club member photo albums is particularly incompatible with other tools within the suite. One of the biggest flaws was in the form of group photo albums.

Bugs in Club Photo Albums

As part of the integrated social networking tools that have been developed, clubs, and club members, can create groups. Groups are useful for bringing together and/or separating a group of people with common interests. Groups can have their own forums, their own activity feeds, and their own photo albums. Or at least that’s what was planned.

Groups can also be made private, so that only members of the group have access to discussions and activity within the group. This is also true for group photo albums. In practice, it was found that when trying to view a private group photo album, you were taken to another club website within the network and shown private albums from that club’s groups! Obviously this was a major flaw and one that for weeks, had been resisting all attempts to rectify it.

A number of other issues had also come to light and so, despite the fact that the sun was shining on Porth Ysgo, it was worthwhile spending yet another weekend indoors. The problems with club member’s photo albums have now rectified and the clubmesh debug list is looking delightfully smaller.

Great photos guys, looking strong, I’m going to have a lot of catching up to do once I finally pull myself away from this computer.

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